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Wilfred Jarvis


Commenting on a discussion about Leadership in the Journal of the Australian Institute of Management, August 1990, the editor wrote:

Wilfred Jarvis is widely recognized as Australia's most experienced behavioral scientist. His impact over the past 40 years on corporate thinking has been nothing short of profound. In this article, Simon Davies explores Wilf's latest, and possibly most important, contribution to Australian Management - The Four Quadrant Leadership Program.

When introducing him to the Duke of Edinburgh's conference, the Governor General of Australia called him "the elder statesman of Australian Behavioral Scientists."

He is the founder of Four Quadrant Leadership. The techniques and relationships of that system have been based on over fifty years of research into individuals, groups, organizations, societies, management and leadership.

He has analyzed leadership customs in governments, armed services, religious institutions, sporting teams, political parties and other groups from numerous societies, covering a historical period of 2500 years. He used this comprehensive data to design the principles and practices of his Four Quadrant Leadership system.

When interviewed about this system, he said:

"I was in search of principles and practices applicable to human beings, wherever they are, in all nations, social levels, occupations, professions and organizations. l knew that l had to identify techniques and relationships which could be applied at home, school, work, in sporting teams and military units, in all situations where leaders have control over people. When teaching leadership theories to graduates studying for MBA degrees I concluded that no existing system fulfilled these requirements. I believe that Four Quadrant Leadership does. "

Wilfred Jarvis left school when he was fifteen. After studying accountancy for four years he enlisted in the Royal Australian Air Force and became a wireless air gunner. He first visited the USA in 1943 when his squadron collected B-24 Liberator bombers at Seattle for service in the South West Pacific theater of World War II. His group was attached to the US Fifth Air Force.

After discharge from the service he had many occupations, including truck driver, builder, insurance representative, retail salesman, foreman, manager, school teacher.

He is a graduate of the Universities of Sydney and Melbourne.

For seven years he was a lecturer in psychology and education at Sydney Teachers' College and the University of Sydney. He also taught World Religions there.

Subsequently he lectured in clinical and counseling psychology at the University of New South Wales before joining the Graduate School of Business to teach behavioral science programs.

In 1972 he was sent to the USA by the Australian Government to study the Reserve Army and the National Guard.

For more than two decades he has been managing director of Wilfred Jarvis and Associates. His firm provides consulting services to a large number of organizations in Australia and overseas, specializing in:

  • Executive recruitment

  • Research programs

  • Organizational re-structuring

  • Review and development systems

  • Teaching and monitoring Four Quadrant Leadership

He conducts a private practice in clinical psychology.

He is author of -

The Adolescent Years

Discover Yourself . . . and Live!

Four Quadrant Leadership for Managers

Four Quadrant Leadership for Supervisors

and many films, video tapes, audio tapes and articles. He has appeared frequently on radio and television programs.

He has two children and five grand children.



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