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WJI Services
GroupSmart Technology:
Unprecedented Results in Record Time

Are you…

…Accelerating group learning to keep up with the information explosion? Surfacing difficult "un-discussables" in the organization? Trying to sustain consistent out-of-the-box thinking? Implementing organizational decisions that require across-the-board buy-in? Building groups and teams that create breakthrough results?


…doing so in one-half to one-third the time?

If not…

You need GroupSmart Technology.

 What is GroupSmart?

A skillful integration of computers, intelligent software, networking, design and facilitation to achieve the most accurate information, the best possible decision-making, or the most creative problem solving from a group or team of people, who will do so in record time while enjoying the highest level of commitment to the outcome.

In the last several years the Wilfred Jarvis Institute has helped clients achieve outstanding results with GroupSmart for the following applications:

New Leader Acceleration
Leadership/Team Effectiveness Feedback
Major Change Facilitation
Major Project Management
Key Success Factors
Go-to-Market Processes
Strategic Planning
Culture Assessment
Employee/Customer Focus Groups
Departmental Work Planning

This type of technology previously was available only in special conferencing centers. Now the Wilfred Jarvis Institute has developed a portable system in order to deliver GroupSmart to you wherever you want to have your meeting.


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