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We at the Wilfred Jarvis Institute believe that:

* Leaders are made, not born. Managers can learn to become leaders.

* The spirit of true leadership consists of the empathic relationships between a leader and his/her team members, and the constructive energies driving each of them.

* When those constructive forces are flourishing, leaders can use reliable techniques to set goals, define tasks, estimate the colleagues' job efficiency, and clearly define the extent of authorities given to them in making decisions and taking actions.

* The same relationships and techniques are applicable at work, in the family and everywhere people live and work together.

The principles and practices of Four Quadrant Leadership are founded on centuries of accumulated evidence from history, philosophy, religion, science, ethics and other sources of knowledge and wisdom. The members of the Institute will strive to demonstrate consistent loyalty to these ideals.

When managers are assisted and required to demonstrate good leadership, people's joys, reliability, capacities and productivity increase substantially. So do the reputations, customer service levels, cohesiveness and profitability of their organization.


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