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Wilfred Jarvis Institute Services


Excellent organizations thrive on change, but will work hard to preserve and protect their effective core values. We will assist organizations to identify their effective core values, while keeping in mind the important criteria for success:

  • The core values represent the commitment of the senior leadership
  • The core values enjoy the support of the employees
  • The core values are consistent with important principles of effectiveness
  • The core values are definable in behavioral terms, which can be measured for progress over time

How to make core values come alive in everything you do is the real challenge. Effective organizations have discovered that one way to reinforce core values is to align the review/development and reward systems of the organization with those core values. In the end, effective implementation of core values requires the following sacrifices:

  • Time: leaders make the time to teach and reinforce core values
  • Budget: i.e. putting money where your mouth is
  • Ego: leaders are willing to acknowledge their own inconsistencies with the core values, and work hard to be more congruent
  • Other values that used to serve the organization, but are no longer desirable. For example, if teamwork is important, in what ways is the company over-emphasizing individual recognition?

Frequently we have assisted client organizations in designing training programs to teach and reinforce the core values of the organization. We have also trained managers on the skills required to be consistent with them, for example, communication and conflict resolution skills to be consistent with the value of cooperation…


  • A strong culture based on effective core values is more successful, and this success is more sustainable in the long term.
  • It is much easier to integrate new leaders, and new employees, if you have a clearly defined and practiced set of effective core values
  • Growth, or change, or an important decision, will be quicker and easier, if it is consistent with effective core values.




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WJI Services


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