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"4QL provided us with an excellent set of clearly defined leadership practices for all levels of the organization. Minh Le did a great job for us as model and champion of this program."

Dave Roberson, Hitachi Data Systems
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Without coaching support to translate insightful leadership lessons into habitual daily practices, even Four Quadrant Leadership will eventually fall into disuse. In organizations where coaching support was provided after 4QL training, managersí effectiveness increased, and the culture enjoyed permanent benefits.

The 4QL Application Coaching Program consists of the following steps:

  1. Assessment. The assessment tools have already been provided as an essential part of the 4QL training program. Additional assessments will be provided if required.
  2. Goal setting. During the 4QL training program, managers have developed a list of their top-three leadership challenges. We will assist them in setting goals regarding these problems.
  3. Diagnosis. During the coaching, they receive assistance in further diagnosing these problems.
  4. Action planning. We will help them determine the key strategies and actions in meeting their goals. We will work to focus their efforts on the few strategies and actions that will produce the greatest results.
  5. Overcoming obstacles. We will assist them in developing strategies and actions that will overcome their external, and internal, obstacles.
  6. Validating success. Assessments may be re-run to validate success.


  • Managers and employees will sooner enjoy the benefits of effective leadership relationships and techniques.
  • Reduce or eliminate any cynicism associated with too much talk and not enough action
  • Integrate effective relationships and techniques into the culture of the organization
  • Enjoy long-lasting results



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WJI Services


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