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To sustain extraordinary results, you will need your competent managers to become excellent leaders. Your leadership program must be based on universal and timeless principles about human beings. It must be easy to use, and practical to implement. Our founder, Wilfred Jarvis, has spent over 5 decades of his life to develop and validate the relationships and techniques of Four Quadrant Leadership (4QL) to meet these criteria.

"I have attended many leadership training programs. By far, 4QL is the best one. It is very worthy of my full attention in learning and applying it, not only in the workplace but in all areas of my life."

John Dam, City of San Jose
Deputy Director, Human Resources

Leadership from the inside out. Personal mastery before winning othersí hearts and minds and achieving leadership effectiveness. This 24-hour program is not only full of insightful principles and engaging exercises, it also delivers lots of practical tools to help successful leaders become extraordinary.

1. Personal Mastery:

Personal mastery is the first challenge on our leadership journey. This module provides a valuable set of tools for taking control of our values, emotions and motivations in allocating energies that help or hurt other people and ourselves. Participant will learn the power of shared and tested perceptions, utilize assessment tools, and develop improvement strategies.

2. Winning Hearts and Minds:

Winning peopleís hearts and minds is an essential skill that effective leaders diligently practice. It requires much more than carrots and sticks or any other clever manipulations. This workshop will examine alternative relationship strategies and their pros and cons. Participants will develop the power of true empathy in interpersonal relationships while avoiding the pitfalls of hostility, neutrality and identification. Extensive use of models, assessment tools and exercises will equip participant with the skills of winning hearts and minds.

3. Leading People:

Exceptional leaders with high personal mastery and true empathy also employ appropriate decision making strategies. A supervisor must have an accurate understanding of a personís energies and skills in order to provide the optimal level of delegation. This module will teach the application of Four Quadrant Leadership (4QL) techniques. Participants will engage in group discussions, practice decision making strategies, and will assess their own decision making versatility.

4. Leadership in Practice:

Good leaders are not born, but develop day by day and moment by moment while successfully integrating the lessons of Personal Mastery, Winning Hearts and Minds, and Leading People. This module will provide the participants with methods and tools to reinforce 4QL practices, to move beyond knowing to doing and continuously learning.


Twenty-four hours of classroom instruction, plus 6 hours of field work.



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WJI Services


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