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"I have learned more skills from Minh that I use on a daily basis than from anyone else."

Jean Stein, Principal, Business Strategies, Inc.

True leadership is required when the journey is difficult or dangerous. The same is true when the organization is undergoing major changes. For example:

  • An enterprise software implementation that requires changed behaviors
  • A business process change that demands across-the-board cooperation
  • A change of direction that can tear the company apart
  • A reorganization/restructuring that can cause mission-critical people to run scared
  • Or mergers and acquisitions that threaten the existing ways of being

The project leader or change leader has an extremely challenging task. Not only does the project have to succeed in terms of "managing things" (project deadlines, budget, performance standards…) but the leader is also judged in terms of "leading people" (user satisfaction, community support, team members’ buy-in, executive support…). Most change leaders will discover that this type of projects is a real test of their personal resources. Due to the scope of these projects, the outcome can range from a gratifying success, to a spectacular failure.

Our Change Agent Coaching Program consists of the following steps:

  1. Assessment. Multiple assessment tools are used to assess the strength of executive support, the skills and capabilities of the change agent, as well as the level of readiness for change among the change clients.
  2. Goal setting. The more complex the project is, the more important it is to clarify the goals. Often we find that there are multiple project goals, and they may be in conflict. We assist the change agent in clarifying the goals and communicating appropriate expectations.
  3. Key success factors. We will help you determine the key success factors (KSFs) in meeting your goals. We will work to focus your efforts on the few KSFs that will produce the greatest results.
  4. Overcoming obstacles. We will assist you in developing strategies and actions that will overcome your external, and internal, obstacles.
  5. Validating success. Assessments may be re-run to validate success.


  • Improved physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being throughout the change project or initiative
  • Exceed the organization’s expectations
  • Enjoy the rewards of successful organizational change
  • Develop more skills and capabilities to tackle greater challenges



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WJI Services


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