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WJI Services

Wilfred Jarvis Institute Services


Have you been so busy that the really important issues in your job are being ignored? Are you feeling squeezed between the escalating demands of your job, and the shortage of time and energy in your life? Do you have a really important set of goals, but lack a road map on how to achieve them? Would you like to have more recognition and promotional opportunities? Or are you rising so quickly in terms of responsibility that you are in danger of losing control?

Business executives and professional athletes are constantly asking themselves these questions. And successful business executives and professional athletes agree on one thing: it is smart to have a personal coach if you want to achieve continuously higher levels of success.

Our executive coaching program consists of the following elements:

  1. Assessment. A wide variety of assessment tools is used to establish current reality, including personal resources, interpersonal skills, supervisory techniques, and organizational leadership.
  2. Goal setting. We provide an excellent values-based goal setting process. The goals you set will be most meaningful to you. They will also be challenging and achievable.
  3. Key success factors. We will help you determine the key success factors (KSFs) in meeting your goals. We will work to focus your efforts on the few KSFs that will produce the greatest results.
  4. Overcoming obstacles. We will assist you in developing strategies and actions that will overcome your external and internal obstacles.
  5. Validating success. Assessments may be re-run to validate success.


  • Improved physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being will contribute to higher and longer-lasting performance
  • Achieve more that you ever thought you could.
  • Attain what is most meaningful to you by the most efficient use of resources
  • Effective strategies create results that are sustainable in the long term



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WJI Services


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