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A newly promoted executive is in a wonderful position to create positive change. There is a "honeymoon" period in which there is optimal good will. However, in this initial period, the new leader has the largest "blind spot" - information the leader is not aware of, but his/her staff and others are familiar with - which represents the leader's greatest vulnerability. Traditional efforts to uncover information, to minimize this "blind spot", is very time-consuming, and often hindered by fear, embarrassment, etc. or distorted by active lobbying for influence over the new leader.

The New Leader Acceleration Program will very quickly and effectively uncover crucial information needed by the new leader to make important decisions. This program also generates strong support for the new leader among the people reporting to him/her.

Using GroupSmart electronic meeting technology to allow for anonymous data collection, the process eliminates the fear, intimidation and embarrassment by the participants to surface deeper, more candid information. The system also equalizes the ability to submit input to the process, allowing for more participation and buy-in by everyone involved. Deep, candid information can be generated, categorized, prioritized and evaluated for effective decisions to be made in record time.

GroupSmart is an integrated system of laptops, database, software, networking, and expert facilitation techniques designed to deliver an unprecedented level of efficiency and effectiveness to leaders and the people they lead. GroupSmart is made available through The Wilfred Jarvis Institute.


  • In a couple of hours the program will create results previously possible in one or two days
  • The information collected will be more candid and useful
  • Everyone involved will have an active participation in the process
  • The level of buy-in will be unprecedented
  • Implementation of decisions will be much more successful
  • The process will be enjoyable, not stressful or frustrating.



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WJI Services



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